Donate Your Birthday

To help you celebrate your birthday, we invite you to join us in making an impact in the life of an underserved child. Simply choose to “donate” your birthday and create your birthday for a cause campaign. It’s so simple and yet, impactful. Start you birthday campaign now by completing this form and then downloading this PDF.

  • Create a birthday campaign page. Several weeks before your birthday, take a few minutes and create a page.
  • Walk the talk. Donate your day’s wages on your birthday or make another donation to let others know that you’re not asking them to do something you’re not willing to do.
  • Set a fundraising goal. You can choose any goal but don’t be afraid to not meet your goal.
  • Share and promote your birthday cause. Let your community know via email, Facebook, Twitter, house parties, and anything else you can think of.
  • Download our birthday card and personalize to send to all your family and friends!