Our Staff

Our team at Samaritan’s Feet have devoted themselves to serving those in need and helping others around the world to do the same. Each of our ambassadors brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a diverse and unique organization that is changing the lives of people around the world.

Manny Ohonme
President & CEO

Manny is the co-founder of Samaritan’s Feet and the chief foot washer and visionary. He loves watching lives transform right before his eyes and seeing people walk in their purpose. One of his most impactful memories with the ministry is when he witnessed the President of Burundi wash the feet of the poor and pygmies in his country. Another is when he witnessed one the orphans we served finish college, launch their own ministry, and have their own family. Manny enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and investing in people.

Tracie Ohonme
Executive Vice President

Tracie is the co-founder of Samaritan’s Feet and the guardian of our culture and chief encourager. She loves seeing our team, as well as those we serve with, reach their potential and utilize their platform to make a difference. Developing our Women Ambassador program and seeing computer learning centers being built in Africa and the success of their Barefoot Gala has been so meaningful for her. She loves serving her children, traveling with her husband, and of course, shoe shopping!

Kyle Alexander
Regional Program Manager

Kyle develops and executes opportunities to grow the Samaritan’s Feet outreach through partnerships across Arkansas and the surrounding area. He enjoys seeing the impact a new pair of shoes and message of hope can have on a child immediately and then throughout their life. While serving in Puerto Rico, Kyle experienced a life-changing moment as he saw an eight-year-old boy, who had been orphaned due to a drug cartel killing, pray for the safety of the mission team members. Kyle loves spending time with friends and family, fishing, and watching college football.

Deni Avant
Communications Manager

Deni develops content to keep Samaritan’s Feet supporters and the media informed and inspired about our initiatives while also supporting the Samaritan’s Feet staff with their marketing needs. She loves hearing stories of impact and sharing those with our supporters. While at a distribution, she recalls a young boy’s proud smile as he posed wearing his new shoes that properly fit over the braces on his feet. Deni loves black coffee, listening to music, and spending time at the beach with friends and family.

Marcela Bacon
Events Coordinator

Marcela manages and coordinates all special events for Samaritan’s Feet, like the Barefoot Gala and Golf Tournament. She enjoys seeing the passion and commitment of the team, as well as knowing that the work she does helps make a difference in someone else’s life. Marcela loves seeing the joy and smiles in the faces of the children we serve. She enjoys camping, Alabama college football (Roll Tide!) and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Bryan Boan
Digital Marketing Manager

Bryan produces videos, photographs, and designs pieces to document the domestic and international initiatives and impact of Samaritan’s Feet. He enjoys being able to tell the stories of those we serve. While serving thousands of refugees in Uganda, he realized he was ready to be a part of this global movement. Bryan enjoys munching on Haribo gummy bears, spending time outdoors, and getting tattoos.

David Buckman
Warehouse Associate

David helps in the warehouse making sure all orders of shoes are good to go. He is responsible for getting thousands of shoes properly packed and ready for distributions around the world. His favorite thing about working at Samaritan’s Feet is the good spirit and happiness of all his co-workers, and that he feels good when he goes home because he knows we’re doing good in the world. Outside of work, David enjoys gaming, listening to music, and cooking.

Terry Carr
Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Terry oversees operation procedures in the warehouse, maintenance, and shipping and receiving. He makes sure the correct shoes are at the correct place at the correct time, all over the world. He loved that his first day of work was also the first day of the Samaritan’s Feet staff retreat, so he got to meet the whole team at once. Outside of work, Terry enjoys going to sporting events (especially the Panthers and Braves), fishing, and playing softball.

Debbie Cox
Senior Program Manager

Debbie is the Senior Program Manager and will develop this program to serve senior citizens with new shoes while also giving them hope through service to them. Debbie said she’ll never forget the smiles on the recipients’ faces and the feeling of self-worth and dignity that they experienced while serving for the first time with Samaritan’s Feet. She also enjoys reading, watching college sports (especially Ohio State football), and traveling with her husband on day trips.

Angela Davis
Executive Director of Finance & General Manager

Angela handles all things Samaritan’s Feet as our Executive Director of Finance and General Manager. She loves the camaraderie of the team and knowing we are positively affecting and changing people’s lives every single day. One of the most impactful moments was understanding the vast needs in regard to shoes and then grasping the impact that the World Shoe can have. Angela has four children and enjoys anything outdoors, church related activities, and reading.

Larry Davis
Security & Logistics Manager

Larry maintains security at our worldwide headquarters in Charlotte, NC, while also helping with trucking and logistics. He loves that he is playing a part in serving those in need and putting shoes on kids’ feet. He recalls serving at our powerful reconciliation event in Charleston one year after they experienced tragedy through the shooting at Mother Emmanuel Church. Larry enjoys watching NASCAR racing, doing special projects with his church, and fishing.

Brandi Durham
Finance Assistant

Brandi assists our finance team part-time with a wide variety of services. She loves the welcoming environment at Samaritan’s Feet and being a part of an organization that is making a difference in the lives of others. Plus, she is excited to do a different side of financials in her role here. In her spare time, she loves reading, spending time with her wife, and road trips.

Emilie Erickson
Domestic Programs Coordinator

Emilie coordinates shoe distribution programs in the U.S., focusing on Shoe Lockers and Seniors. She manages these programs from the start, sponsor relationships, to finish, getting the correct shoes to the correct place. She traveled with Samaritan’s Feet to Greece to provide shoes to refugees and it changed her life. Emilie enjoys caring for her houseplants (she has over 90), taking her dog on hikes, and reading.

Viki Hanson
Receptionist & Finance Assistant

Viki assists our finance team and loves being able to thank our donors for their generosity. She also greets all of our guests that arrive in our worldwide headquarters. She remembers a man who brought his daughter to one of our distributions who had shoes that were more tattered than his daughter’s shoes. But Samaritan’s Feet was able to provide shoes for both him and his daughter and she’ll never forget how thankful he was. Viki enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, and swimming.

Abigail Hedgecock
Community Engagement Manager

Abigail is the Development Coordinator and helps work out all the details of new development partnerships while also supporting the efforts of those programs. She appreciates the welcoming community at Samaritan’s Feet and loves the opportunities this organization and role provides her to use her gifts for a positive impact. She really enjoys photography, hiking, and playing with her dog Peggy.

Cidney Hemingway
Volunteer Coordinator

Cidney is the volunteer coordinator for Samaritan’s Feet and oversees volunteers, schedules events for our warehouse, and builds relationships with those who serve with us throughout the community. She enjoys engaging with people from so many different backgrounds. Outside of work, she loves exploring Charlotte with her partner and friends, spoiling her dog Mingo and cat Charlie, and taking on DIY projects.

Ashley Hinson
Staff Accountant

Ashley is a staff accountant provides a variety of services in our finance department. She served with Samaritan’s Feet in 2012 and remembers the compassion, humility, and grace that was demonstrated while positively impacting the entire world. She loves that she is surrounded by kind people with servant hearts in the workplace. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys spending time with her daughter, attending sporting events (go Panthers!), road trips, and beach days.

Trish Kriger
Executive Director of Development & Engagement

Trish manages our community engagement, working with individuals and organizations to raise critical support through volunteerism and financial contributions. She loves working with such a motivated team who is so committed to serving others. When volunteering at a December shoe distribution, Trish greeted families attending which allowed her to have a special moment with nearly every one of the 800 who received shoes that day–a true gift of the season. She enjoys spending time with her incredible family, being on the lake, and camping.

Jimmy Lapham
Warehouse Associate

Jimmy works in our warehouse helping prepare orders that will go out around the world. He loves the team at Samaritan’s Feet and the concept of the mission, saying that he spent 37 years working somewhere he had to, now he’s doing a job he wants to do. Outside of work he loves doing target practice and volunteering with dogs (he and his wife had a self-funded animal rescue for several years)./p>

Katie Meyers
Domestic Programs Manager

Katie coordinates domestic shoe distributions for our large corporate sponsors and enjoys her role as a liaison between the Operations Team and all the other areas of Samaritan’s Feet. She enjoys interacting with all areas of the organization as she helps get an event from inspiration to execution. She is impacted seeing the sheer size and reach of the ministry that all started with one simple pair of shoes. Katie loves hiking and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Alicia Morrow
Regional Program Manager

Alicia helps create opportunities to serve at domestic shoe distributions. She makes connections and friendship, raises awareness for the organization, and help promote the mission. Her favorite memory serving with Samaritan’s Feet is from 2017 when she washed the feet of her future stepsons! Outside of work, Alicia enjoys taking photographs, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and playing games.

Nike Ohonme
Associate Director of Development

Nike serves as the Associate Director of Development and develops partnerships and strategic initiatives to further the impact of Samaritan’s Feet. In 2018, a team of brave individuals committed to hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in an effort to celebrate the years of service of Samaritan’s Feet. Nike said this trip was the most invigorating, challenging, and rewarding trip she’s ever been a part of. Nike loves a good long road trip (especially stopping at random rinky-dink places along the way), trying new food, a strong dark cup of coffee, reading, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Whitney Saucedo
Missions Manager

Whitney coordinates our teams and trips as we serve internationally and in the United States. She enjoys being behind the scenes and developing relationships with all of our partners around the world. While traveling to Nigeria several years ago with Samaritan’s Feet, her eyes were opened to a new world and she keeps those friendships and memories close. You can always find her outside enjoying the sun and spending time with her family and friends.

Davida Serrani
Grant Manager

Davida researches, writes, and coordinates all efforts with grants. She loves hearing stories from volunteers about the impact Samaritan’s Feet is making in the lives of others. For her, impactful Samaritan’s Feet moments are the times she can go to one of our Shoes of Hope distributions to see the smiles on the faces of children and volunteers. Davida enjoys being outside, walking, reading, and being with family and friends.

Kathy Slyder
Regional Development & Sports Initiative Manager

Kathy focuses on needs in the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin region, while also developing relationships with athletes and sports organizations. She loves knowing that when she begins work each day, her mission is to help others in a tangible way. At a previous job, Kathy helped collect shoes to send to Nigeria and once she saw the photos of kids wearing those shoes, she was inspired. Kathy loves sports, including playing golf and pickle ball with her husband, yoga, reading, and spending time with family.

Alex Untz
Facility Manager

Alex helps with all things in the building ensuring everything is running smoothly, working properly, and looks good. He is the one to go to when something is broken! What he loves most about working at Samaritan’s Feet is the positive environment and people. He enjoying mountain biking and fixing things outside of work.

International Office Support

Daniel Dominquez, Director

Dawna MacLean, President
Jon Sarpong, Vice President

Ohonme- Aroyewun  Benita Olufunmilayo, Director

Cristina Rotulo Cheeks, Coordinator
Darrell Cheeks, Director

Wesley de Souza Oliveira, Director

Hong Kong
Justin Li, Director
Sharon Chan, Coordinator

Samuel Santa Maria Diaz, Director

South Africa
Hermien Louw, Coordinator

Support Staff

Courtney Cash
World Shoe Program Lead

James Henderson
Florida Area Coordinator

Larry Jackson
Michigan Area Coordinator

Theresa Randleman
Michigan Area Coordinator

Scott Woods
SLI Program Lead