Join Alabama Offensive Lineman Emil Ekiyor Jr. and Give New Shoes to 25,000 Students in Alabama

Emil has teamed up with non-profit Samaritan’s Feet to provide 25,000 students (aged four to 14 years old) in Alabama with a new pair of shoes before they return to school in the fall of 2022.

A donation of just $25 will give a student a new pair of shoes, along with a message of encouragement to follow their dreams.

Your gifts will help provide “Shoe Lockers” at Title 1 schools throughout Alabama. Kept on-site at a school, a Shoe Locker is a supply of 200 pairs of athletic shoes which are immediately available when a student has improperly fitting or worn shoes. School teachers and administrations can then provide shoes to students as the needs arise. This will allow the children to get right back into the classroom and playground in a comfortable and confident way.

Attention: Companies and Student Athletes

Emil is looking for national and local corporations to support these efforts in unique ways. He also wants to recruit fellow student athletes from across the country to serve as spokespeople in their local communities. If you are interested in joining Emil and this exciting campaign in that way, please complete the form below.


About Samaritan’s Feet

Samaritan’s Feet is a non-profit organization that serves and inspires hope in children by providing shoes as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life resulting in the advancement of education and economic opportunities. Over 30 years ago, a boy in Nigeria, Manny Ohonme, received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine. That simple gifted prompted him to play basketball and follow his dreams, ultimately earning him a college basketball scholarship in the United States. A pair of shoes changed his life. So in 2003, Manny and his wife Tracie, started Samaritan’s Feet with a goal of giving hope through the gift of shoes.