It’s Our Birthday—Let’s Celebrate!

Samaritan’s Feet is celebrating its 18th year as an organization! Over 8.3 million lives have been impacted during that time in our 18 years. Thank you for your support along the way to give hope to so many, especially during the last 12 months as it has been a difficult year for so many.

Since our birthday last May, the number of Americans in poverty has increased by 8 million due to the economic impact of COVID-19 (Columbia University).

In response to that, we launched a new program: Shoe Lockers. We are so excited about the potential impact Shoe Lockers will have on children across the United States.

Click the video below to see how:

Kept on-site at a school, a Shoe Locker is a supply of athletic shoes which are immediately available when a student has improperly fitting or worn shoes. Children in need can receive a new pair of athletic shoes quickly, allowing them to get right back into the classroom and right back onto the playground.

Will you celebrate our birthday with us by donating towards our Shoe Locker program?

There is no better gift you can give us than to enable us to serve children across the United States. Your gift will provide hope, joy, dignity, confidence, and the chance for kids to be kids.