We exist because of a dream. A nine-year-old boy in Nigeria was told to follow his dreams and that encouragement changed his life. And now, he wants to give that same encouragement to others. Through everything that we do as an organization, we want to inspire people to pursue their dreams.

Volunteers who serve in our warehouse have given their time and energy to help us accomplish our dream of creating a world with zero shoeless children. They’re helping at the starting point as the shoes they process and prepare will be used as a tool to encourage a child to work hard towards their dreams. So, we want those awesome volunteers to share and pursue their dreams too!

My dream is to…

Become a published author.

Visit Germany and become a photographer.

Retire and do missions full-time.

Adopt a child from India.

Be a Nascar driver.

Become a politician and change the world.


A Night of Dreams

A quarterly event where fellow Dream Factory volunteers gather together to share their dreams, encourage one another, and experience just how powerful it is to have the support of others as your pursue your goals.

Next Date TBD


Do you have career- or job-specific dreams? Are you unsure of where to start and what the next step may be? We want to help! Join us at a workshop where we’ll go over practice steps that will help you get closer to your life-changing dream!

Next Date TBD