Education Initiatives

The Women Ambassadors of Samaritan’s Feet and the Youth Ambassador Program both strive to educate themselves and those in need to inspire positive change around the world.

Women Ambassadors

The Women Ambassadors of Samaritan’s Feet strive to meet educational and health-related needs of under-served children in the United Sates and around the world, enabling these children to become future world-changers.

The initiatives of the Women Ambassadors of Samaritan’s Feet include:

Project Ten16: Our educational platform includes provisional support to ensure Schools of Excellence through assistance in establishing computer learning centers, building renovation, outfitting of classrooms with appropriate school equipment, scholarships for children, text books, and school supplies.

Project Rapha: Our health-centric platform includes provisional support of feminine hygiene educational kits, proper water filtration systems, immunizations, and first aid kits.

Project P2P 500: Our micro-finance platform includes provisional partnership to orphans, widows, and young adults through agricultural, small business initiatives, industry, manufacturing, education, and philanthropic endeavors. The Women Ambassadors of Samaritan’s Feet have partnered with Burundi in “The Mushroom Project” to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs while reducing malnutrition within the country.

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Youth Ambassador Program

This year-long course is available for teenagers between 9th and 11th grade. You’ll learn leadership skills like non-profit development, finding financial strength in public service, and effective communication through story-telling media. This year-long course consists of 6 months of training, 10 days serving on an international mission trip, and 4 months developing and carrying out a “Passion For Others” Legacy Project.

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