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JDA is helping Samaritan’s Feet track the movement and delivery of millions of shoes donated to children in need around the globe. Using a variety of solutions and services from JDA, Samaritan’s Feet will keep costs optimized and efficiently track the movement and delivery of shoes. JDA’s services will also allow Samaritan’s Feet to have better awareness and visibility of shoe stock in it’s warehouses ensuring and minimizing stock-outs.


30,000 Pairs of Shoes in 3 Years

As part of JDA’s ongoing Social Responsibility program, JDA supports Samaritan’s Feet as one of its official global charity partners. And in an effort to commemorate and celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, JDA is working with its associates, customers and partners around the globe to raise funds and awareness to deliver 30,000 pairs of shoes over the next three years to impact 30,000 children in need. This partnership provides JDA associates, customers and partners an opportunity to serve children in need in the communities where they work and live in partnership with Samaritan’s Feet. To help JDA reach this goal, click the “Donate Now” button above.

FeetOnlyLogo copy “We are grateful to work with many organizations that donate thousands and sometimes millions of shoes to us to distribute to children, many of which are JDA customers. Their generosity requires a robust solution for managing our inventory and tracking shoes globally, and JDA has closely partnered with us to make this a reality.”
– Manny Ohonme, Samaritan’s Feet Co-Founder, President, and CEO
jda_AllianceMember_rgb “We are honored to partner with [Samaritan’s Feet] and play a role in enabling the delivery of shoes, while also helping Samaritan’s Feet with optimizing its costs and deliverables across its unique supply chain. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Samaritan’s Feet in the years to come, and working very closely with Manny, who incidentally, began his technology career at RedPrairie, and understands the intricacies and challenges of the global supply chain and what it takes to successfully implement a strategy that ties these pivotal elements together seamlessly.”
– Kevin Iaquinto, Chief Marketing Officer, JDA Software

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