Shoes of Hope is Samaritan’s Feet overarching shoe distribution initiative both in the United States and around the world. Our goal is to bring a life-changing message of hope, love, and compassion to everyone we serve.

Shoes of Hope distributions are generally one day events where our volunteers and staff welcome participants, share Samaritan’s Feet story of hope, wash their feet, and provide them with a new pair of socks and shoes.


  • Provide new athletic shoes and socks for needy individuals.
  • Partner with local schools, corporations, non-profits and faith based organizations, utilizing the power of collaboration to transform communities through service.
  • Encourage both students and volunteers with the life changing message of hope and respect for all people.
  • Prevent the spread of diseases by protecting feet from infections and contaminated soil.

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National Day of Service

On MLK holiday weekend and surrounding days, Samaritan’s Feet provides the opportunity for volunteers from diverse backgrounds to join together, symbolizing a unified effort of becoming the “Beloved Community” of which Dr. King dreamed.

Shoes of Hope

These U.S. events throughout the year provide unique opportunities for our individuals, families, small groups, churches, and corporations to encourage, provide comfort, and share hope within their communities by washing feet and giving new shoes to those in need.

Back to School

Primarily conducted from late July through September, in up to 100 cities around the nation, Back to School events provide a framework for community collaboration in preparing students materially, physically, and spiritually for the new school year.


Working strategically with international partners, we deliver thousands of shoes to children outside of the United States. Due to lack of proper footwear, children around the world are suffering from foot-borne diseases transmitted through contaminated soil.

If you were the leader of a Shoes of Hope distribution with us, please take this survey that we can improve this program and serve more children more efficiently.