Home-School-Community Partnership

Villa Heights Elementary is a small Title I school of about 120 students in the heart of Charlotte, N.C. Their mission as a school is to inspire and promote growth by focusing on the whole child and cultural diversity in partnership with families and community. In July, Samaritan’s Feet dropped off cheerful orange drawstring bags filled with goodies for each student.


“This is an example of the home-school-community partnerships we love and it is an honor to have Samaritan’s Feet serve our school. This a reminder of the positive impact that the community can have on schools and individual students and their families,” said Sydney Mboob, Assistant Principal, Villa Heights Elementary.

Every student at Villa Heights will receive one of the orange tote bags which, among other items, includes a pair of new athletic shoes and socks.

“As a parent and assistant principal, I know how quickly children grow and shoe sizes seem to constantly change. Parents of our students here will appreciate having a pair of brand new shoes for their children,” said Sydney. “And our students will be thrilled, too! They will again know that the community cares for them and wants to help provide for some of their needs. It’s always nice to lace up a pair of new sneakers, and this will help students be prepared for a new school year.”

The bags for students also include a hygiene kit (with a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, comb, alcohol wipe, mask, and washcloth) and a card with activities on how to show kindness and good practices for how to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, the drawstring bag itself can be used as a bookbag as students carry materials and supplies.

During this unusual time for students where they’re uncertain if they’ll return to school, Samaritan’s Feet wants to show them a little extra care so they feel loved and encouraged no matter where they are learning this coming year.