Samaritan’s Feet: Ontario

FirstService Residential Ontario is proud to partner with Samaritan’s Feet to raise funds to provide socks and shoes to people in need. Supporting the communities we serve is part of our core values, and these items are crucial for keeping members of our community mobile and healthy. A $20 donation will help provide a new pair of socks and shoes to someone in need. Together, we can help create a world with zero shoeless children. Donate today!
Please note that this site accepts donations in U.S. dollars, not Canadian dollars. As a result, any amount contributed using a Canadian registered credit/debit card will be converted from CAD to USD, which will affect the amount charged on the card.
For example, using the available conversion rates on the date of this site’s creation, a donation of $20 USD would result in a charge of $24.98 CAD.