Ripple Effect in Rocky Mount

600 pairs of shoes caused a ripple effect in Rocky Mount, NC.

“This donation has reached so many students and families across the city of Rocky Mount. We are so incredibly appreciative,” said Kristen Tedford, Principal, Benvenue Elementary.

Around 600 elementary students received a Hope Tote which included new athletic shoes and a pair of socks, along with a few other items. Students were then encouraged to wear their shoes and socks during their virtual Physical Education (P.E.) class.

“The students have been very proud of their new sneakers,” said Elizabeth Murphy, P.E. Teacher, Benvenue Elementary. “Having new shoes, especially sneakers, really boosts the students’ self-confidence while making it easier to participate in the P.E. activities.”

Many students wore their new shoes during their virtual P.E. class, and would show them off to others. They could easily follow along with jumps and stretches in a comfortable way.

“I am so thankful for the sneakers because one battle as a P.E. teacher that I face is proper equipment, but Samaritan’s Feet has helped make that a non-issue. And the kids have been very excited about the shoes,” added Murphy.

But the students weren’t the only ones excited and proud of their new shoes.

Parents and families began reaching out to the school soon after they received shoes to express their appreciation for the shoes.

Tedford says one parent told her, “this has taken a burden off our family to not worry about providing tennis shoes to our kids. They grow so much and it is hard to keep buying new shoes at this time.”

Because Benvenue is doing remote-learning, this event was a drive-through. Many teachers had not seen their students in-person in quite some time. Teachers welcomed the opportunity to help give the shoes to students so they could finally see their smiling faces.

“This donation sparked an opportunity for our staff. It lifted their spirits because they were finally able to see the students and families and they were able to see them so happy,” Tedford said.

These 600 pairs of shoes not only prompted smiles in the 600 students, but they also encouraged a P.E. teacher, relieved parents and families, and excited school staff and teachers.