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The Brothers: A Blessing for Our Family

Brothers Edwin Alexander and Henry Estuardo Reyes live in the Los Limones community in Guatemala. They work in agriculture and their workday begins at 5 a.m. and ends 13 hours later at 6 p.m. During a typical day of work, they earn approximately 40 GTQ, equivalent to $5 USD.

Edwin lives with his brother, wife, and two children in a small home with dirt floors and makeshift walls. He says he does the best he can with what he earns each day and the priority is feeding his family.

“Life is hard for us here, but we do what we can,” Edwin said. “Each day, my brother and I go out to work for 12 hours each day, barefoot, working in the fields. We come home with swollen feet and ankles and very tired. But that’s what we have to do for our family. We had one pair of shoes that we shared between the both of us. Anything outside of food is just not a priority for us because we can only do so much with what we earn.”

Stories such as the Reyes brothers’ are very common in Guatemala. Families living in rural areas don’t see a lot of help, so they have to go out and seek it.

After the Reyes brothers met with the Cultural Association and Evangelist Redemption Center, case workers went to assess the needs of the Reyes family.

Soon after, the family was given shoes, food, and clothing. Before giving the brothers the shoes, the case workers washed the beneficiaries’ feet as a sign of humility and prayed with Edwin and Henry.

The Reyes brothers were very grateful. They explained that the shoes will allow them to work harder and stand longer to earn more money. That they will be a blessing for their family.

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