The Impact of the First Shoe Locker

We spoke with Alisa Jones, Family/School Advocate at Tuckaseegee Elementary School, about the Shoe Locker they received earlier this year. This school was the first official location to get a Shoe Locker! Read the interview with her below:

What did you initially think of having a Shoe Locker at your school?
We were very excited to have the opportunity to be one of the pilot schools for the Shoe Locker program. We saw this as another opportunity to further support our students and families.

How do you decide when a student gets a Tote with shoes? Our student services team works hard to know the students at Tuckaseegee and the needs of the families. We started with a list provided by the team, then reached out to classroom teachers to see if they were aware of additional students that should be added to the list. We also provided shoes to a few students who had emergency situations.

If you had to guess, how many Totes have been given away?
60 so far (an average of about 3 per week).

Could you describe some of the reactions of students when they receive a Tote?
Our students were very excited and appreciative of the Totes. One student smiled and said “is this just for me?”

What has it meant for your school to have a resource like this during such an uncertain time?
The Shoe Locker has really helped many of our families fill the gaps during this time. One of our families experienced a house fire in the spring. We were able to provide their two students with shoes from the Shoe Locker because all of their personal belongings were lost in the fire. The mother of the students was so very appreciative.

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