The Story of Hope Never Stops

In a world that is full of fear and uncertainty right now, it’s important to pause and count your blessings. You have the chance to use our voices and give hope and love at a time when the world needs it most.

Non-profit organization Samaritan’s Feet believes in inspiring hope and now is our time to join them in doing just that. Hope Notes is an initiative Samaritan’s Feet started to give hope to those in need, because they know the story of hope never stops. Individuals can write an encouraging message below and Samaritan’s Feet prints them on cards and distributes them to elementary school students across the country.

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Slide "Never underestimate your worth and the impact you have on others. Be kind and let your light shine. You have the power to make a difference."
- Melissa, NC
Slide "Hi, I am Isabella and I'm 8 years old from Texas. I want you to know that no one will forget you because you're smart, beautiful, kind, and strong. That's why no one will forget you. I hope this note brings JOY to your heart and a smile on your face."
- Isabella, TX
Slide "You are loved! Stay strong! Stay healthy!"
- Alison, IN
Slide "'Everything is better in the end! If things aren’t better, then it’s not the end!' You are smart and important and can do anything you put your mind to. Just believe in yourself!"
- Joanna, SC